Wyzze is an international Digital Agency with numerous projects in the area of mobile, web development, branding & software. It’s located in Thessaloniki- Greece with offices in Cyprus, USA & U.K.

We stand out as a specialist agency in Proximity Marketing Services, enabling Retailers to create in-store mobile marketing campaigns based on shoppers’ in-store position and personalize their experience with targeted offers and services. Retailers can monetize shoppers‘ journey in the store and get valuable insights for their behavior in real time, including: dwell time, returning visitors, average time, demographics and others.

Our team of experts covers a wide spectrum of areas: Mobile & Web Development, UI/UX Development, Web Applications, Database Management, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing.

Wyzze’s portfolio includes companies, brands, organizations & public sector executing projects in software development and strategic development of digital marketing campaigns.

proximity marketing

We use Bluetooth Low Energy proximity sensors (Beacons) & Location Services to push realtime multimedia content to shoppers’ smartphones, based on their position, while shopping.

in-store analytics

With in-store analytics, retailers can monetize shoppers’ journey in the store and get valuable insights for consumers’ behavior.

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mobile applications

Mobile Marketing is a rapidly growing market that keeps users updated with their favorite brands' news, media-news, games and more specific with over than 1.5 billion active smartphone users worldwide. Today, about 28% of retail brands implement mobile marketing tactics while in 5 years will reach over than 62%. It’s the first time that smartphone become more useful than any other everyday good, like keys or wallet! Why? Cause you can simply make payments via your smartphone, download your air ticket, learn the most important news, connect with friends or open a door!

Wyzze develops all these applications that may take off your brands’ mobile marketing efforts. Actually we develop something more than mobile apps, we take advantage of location services, learning machine technology and transform users’ interaction with their smartphones into a true experience. We connect applications with advanced databases, extract real time analytics on user’s behavior and secure processes and data with encrypted connections in dedicated servers.

We enrich applications with social media features, informative tabs, actions triggered from user’s position, loyalty programs and gamification. CMS Platforms get connected with apps in order to keep mobile marketing campaigns real time accessible and up to date.

enterprise software

Desktop applications are widely adopted in business world but web/cloud applications or referred as SaaS (software as a service) are becoming more and more popular because of their core benefits: accessible via a web interface, low IT supports cost. We have to underline that SaaS revenue is estimated to reach a projected $21.3 bn, almost the double than its 2010 numbers.

Wyzze’s international team is consisted of experts in the following areas: Web Services, Database management, front end development, UI/UX development, providing with enterprise software solutions to companies, organizations and public sector.


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